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Getting a Loan for your New Car

So you've finally found the brand new car of your dreams, only to be crushed by the outrageous interest rates or unreasonable monthly payments that your auto dealer proposes. While this may seem like the end of the road for most people, few realize that there are still a lot of options available if you don't like the price-gouging tactics of your dealership – getting a free auto loan quote from is one of them!

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

One of the most common mistakes made by auto loan shoppers is the tendency to pick a car or truck first, and then worry about how to finance that auto later on. If you think about it, this is all wrong – you wouldn't go to the grocery store for groceries and then ask the cashier for payment options, would you? It's always better to have your method of funding lined up before you even think about your new car so you can make informed choices about which car truly fits you best without breaking your budget.

Banks vs. Credit Unions vs. Dealerships, Oh My!

While there are several different ways that an individual might finance their vehicle, only one thing should matter to you: the true cost. An average dealership makes over 30% of their total annual revenue from car loans, so they have a vested interest in taking you for every penny you have. (They also have the added benefit of dangling your dream car in front of you, thus weakening your resolve for a lower auto loan rate!)

You could choose to get your auto loan through your bank, but you are typically going to have to tie the loan directly to your checking or savings accounts. This can be bad news for people with cash flow problems, as banks are well-known for freezing accounts entirely if a person misses just one auto payment. Alternatively, you could choose to source your loan through a competing bank (i.e. you bank at Bank of America but get an auto loan from Chase) but this can also be more trouble than it's worth; many competing banks now require that you maintain an account with them with a minimum balance of at least $1,000. Talk about a pain!

Credit unions are growing more popular each year, and while they traditionally offer better interest rates than the larger banks, they are infamous for lacking in service or accessibility. A credit union is generally nothing more than a community bank, so you may only have access to a couple of branches within your local metropolitan area. Additionally, customer support is extremely limited in most cases; this means you have to work around their schedule if a problem ever came up!

Our Auto Loan Packages Can Change Everything! is proud to offer you a fourth option – our proprietary auto loan quotation system! All you need to do is enter in some personal information about yourself, the type of car you're looking to buy, and the type of loan that fits you best. We take that information and match your needs with several independent national lending companies, after which we present you with up to five different quotes from five different lenders. You pick the monthly payment. You pick the interest rate. You pick the terms. Because each lender needs to compete for your business, you can rest easy knowing the information you see is the best available and, better yet, there is never any obligation to commit to a loan. Shop around all you like – we're confident you'll choose us!

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